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A Message From Jeff

Maybe you're just interested in the outdoors, or maybe you've been taking canoe trips or backpacking trips for decades. Either way, you're thinking about exploring Ontario's Algonquin Provincial Park. I'm here to help!

After years of fustration with the poor quality of the existing Algonquin Park maps that lead to me finding myself tired and hungry at days end, I designed my own map using books, historic maps, GPS data, trip reports and thousands of corrections from hundreds of Algonquin enthusiasts. Now being used by new canoeists and park staff alike, it's the map I always wanted!

Have fun exploring, and feel free to email me at any time with comments, corrections, suggestions or questions!


P.S. If you ever want to check out Killarney, I now have a map of it available at theKillarneyMap.com

"I know first hand how thoroughly dedicated Jeffrey is to making his map as accurate as humanly possible, including his personal commitment to travel and chart as much of that landscape as one man can in a lifetime."

-Mark Scarlett, Algonquin Park Canoeist of 50 Years

"Jeff's maps are amazing... our entire canoe trip staff of 20 used his maps exclusively for almost 100 canoe trips in Algonquin Park last summer and loved them!!"

-Craig Perlmutter, Director, Camp Tamakwa
  (Located in Algonquin Park on Tea Lake)

More Reviews

"This is the most detailed map of Algonquin Park I've ever used!"

-Mark Rubino, MarkInThePark.com

"Jeff's map will flawlessly guide you through Algonquin's 2000 kilometres of canoe routes. More importantly, it provides information on the amazing history of the park, allowing you to visit points of interest you wouldn't even be aware of otherwise."

-Scott Rogers, Smedleyco.com

"One word: Brilliant. The benchmark of the canoeist's map."

-Jackine, Algonquin Adventures (Forum)

"The word terrific doesn't come close to how great a job I think you've done in creating this invaluable resource."

-Rain Pebbles, Outdoor Adventure Canada (Forum)