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About Me

I've been canoeing through Algonquin since tender age of 8 and loving every minute of it. Except perhaps the times where I was busy fleeing from mosquitos and blackflies.... Those are the moments when I realize why campsites are so readily available in June!

Anyhow, the great thing about being so young was that I always had summers off, so by the time I turned 15 I was planning my own trips with a friend.

Unfortunately, right from the very first canoe trip I planned we had some "adventures" as a result of our map deciding to disagree with the terrain in front of us. There were missing bays, misplaced campsites and seemingly non-existant portages.

Fast forward through a lot of frustration, tinkering, and experimentation, and I ultimately ended up with the map I always wanted. I didn't have any special skills, just a lot of determination, time, and patience.

After sharing it with a few close friends I ultimately realized that others people find it useful too, so I put it online. Four versions and thousands of corrections and suggestions later I ended up with the map you found here.


Have you found the map useful? Want to improve it for everyone? Great! There are a few ways you can help...

Way #1 - Have a GPS track? A correction? A suggestion? I can't go everywhere all at once or think up every good idea, but together we sure can try! So send me an email (I always reply) and together we'll make the best map possible :D

Way #2 - Tell your friends. Don't have any friends? Make some friends and then tell them. Really though, the more people that use the map, the more people that can contribute corrections and suggestions. It really makes a huge difference (see #1).

Way #3 - Money. Do you have too much? I'm here to help. I try to use every resource possible to make the map. In fact I've used hundreds (if not thousands) of contributions, forum posts, books, historic maps, etc in making the map. Some of those are free, but some aren't. More resources = a better map :)

Creative Commons License

You may have noticed that the map is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

What does that mean? Well... as long as you're not using it for commercial purposes (i.e. anything that involves money) you're welcome to edit, enhance and share all or portions of it as you see fit as long as you give credit.

So feel free to use it in your next trip report or to share a copy with a friend. In fact, not only is it okay to share the map, I'd really appreciate it! (see #2 under Contribute)

Not sure if what you're doing is non-commercial or do you want to do something commercial with it? Just send me an email and ask.

Historic Maps

Hey look, a whole bunch of historic Algonquin maps rescued from the archives!
All I ask is if you use them somewhere else (your blog, etc), you provide a link back to my website :)

You can help here too:

Way #1 - Have a map that isn't on this page that you'd be willing to share? It'd be really great if you sent me an email :D
Way #2 - Don't have a historic map? Have too much money? You're in luck! The Archives of Canada scans maps for $20 + HST + Shipping (about $30 total). If you donate to cover the cost, I'll clean up and upload the scan for everyone to share :)






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Hollow L to the Mattawa R ? 15.2 MB Algonquin Outfitters
Petawawa R ? 35.9 MB Matt & Chris Johnston
Algonquin Park Timber Licenses ? 34.9 MB Brian Prodin
Bruton Township Survey ? 1.3 MB Jeff
Clyde Township Survey ? 1.8 MB Jeff
Harburn Township Survey ? 1.7 MB Jeff
Harcourt Township Survey ? 1.4 MB Jeff
Havelock Township Survey ? 1.4 MB Jeff
Hunter Township Survey ? 1.5 MB Jeff
Peck Township Survey ? 1.6 MB Jeff
Lloyd's Renfrew County Map ? 14.3 MB Jeff
Canada West 1851 15.4 MB Jeff
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey – Oxtongue River 1853 8.0 MB Jeff
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey – White Trout Lake 1853 8.3 MB Jeff
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey – Radiant Lake 1853 3.6 MB Jeff
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey – Lake Traverse 1853 3.7 MB Jeff
Renfrew County 1863 2.0 MB Jeff
Canadian Land and Emigration Company 1875 1.6 MB Jeff
Machar Township Survey 1875 1.3 MB Jeff
Strong Township Survey 1875 1.9 MB Jeff
Himsworth Township Survey 1876 1.7 MB Jeff
McClintock Township Survey 1876 2.2 MB Jeff
Pringle Township Survey 1876 1.7 MB Jeff
Sinclair Township Survey 1876 2.2 MB Jeff
Bethune Township Survey 1877 1.8 MB Jeff
Lawrence Township Survey 1877 1.7 MB Jeff
Joly Township Survey 1878 1.6 MB Jeff
Laurier Township Survey 1878 2.3 MB Jeff
Ballantyne Township Survey 1879 1.7 MB Jeff
McCraney Township Survey 1879 1.4 MB Jeff
Paxton Township Survey 1879 1.7 MB Jeff
Golden Lake Lumber – West 1879 2.0 MB Jeff
Golden Lake Lumber – East 1879 1.9 MB Jeff
Haliburton County 1879 40.0 MB The Howard Family
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Department of Lands, Forests & Mines 1914 24.1 MB Mark Bagu
OA&PS Railway 1914 45.8 MB The Madmusher
The Canadian Northern Railway 1917 31.4 MB Mark Verscay
The Canadian Northern Railway - Reverse Side 1917 37.6 MB Derek Specht
Department of Lands, Forests & Mines 1919 44.9 MB Jeff & Diana McElroy
Haliburton – Topographic Map 1920 34.2 MB Scott Cameron
Department of Lands & Forests 1921 22.5 MB Jeff
Trip Log Inscribed on the Map Above 1921 Jeff Pete Charters
District of Nipissing 1922 55.7 MB Scott Cameron
Arthur Brown's Map 1925 11.7 MB Jeff
Canadian National Railway 1926 16.6 MB Jeff & Mark Rubino
Canadian National Railway – Reverse Side 1926 35.8 MB Jeff & Mark Rubino
Murchison Township Survey 1931 1.0 MB Jeff
Sundridge – Topographic Map 1932 38.2 MB Ron Kiar
Algonquin Park – Topographic Map 1934 28.9 MB Scott Rogers
Algonquin Park – Topographic Map – Index 1934 10.5 MB Jeff
Algonquin Park – Topographic Map 1937 38.0 MB Jeff
Sundridge – Topographic Map 1937 34.5 MB Peter Charters
Haliburton County 1937 52.9 MB Jeff
Huron & Ottawa Territory 1937 73.1 MB Derek Specht
Haliburton – Topographic Map – West 1938 20.4 MB Jeff
Haliburton – Topographic Map – East 1938 20.2 MB Jeff
Highland Inn 1940 11.7 MB Jeff
Round Lake – Topographic Map 1942 35.1 MB Peter Charters
Stonecliffe – Topographic Map 1942 4.5 MB Jeff
Aylen Lake – Topographic Map 1944 5.1 MB Jeff
Cartier Lake – Topographic Map 1944 3.5 MB Jeff
Grand Lake – Topographic Map 1944 4.9 MB Jeff
Haliburton – Topographic Map – West 1944 20.7 MB Jeff
Haliburton – Topographic Map – East 1944 21.5 MB Jeff
Round Lake – Topographic Map 1944 4.5 MB Jeff
Highland Inn 1944 5.1 MB Jeff
Highland Inn – Reverse Side 1944 6.8 MB Jeff
Algonquin Story – Watersheds 1946 13.8 MB Jeff
Algonquin Story – Colonization Roads 1946 8.4 MB Jeff
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District of South Nipissing – West 1946 29.6 MB Paul Berti
District of South Nipissing – East 1946 21.2 MB Derek Specht
Algonquin – Topographic Map 1947 38.3 MB Graham Flitt
Brent – Topographic Map 1949 42.0 MB Scott Cameron
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Round Lake – Topographic Map 1951 42.0 MB Scott Cameron
Algonquin – Topographic Map 1951 40.1 MB Graham Flitt
Sundridge – Topographic Map 1953 39.1 MB Matt & Chris Johnston
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Department of Travel & Publicity –
McCraney L to Cedar L
1954 13.4 MB Matt & Chris Johnston
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Algonquin Park Forums
Book – Department of Lands & Forests –
Angling Guide
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Algonquin – Topographic Map – East 1960 21.2 MB Matt & Chris Johnston