Uh oh, I’m a bit short on Western Algonquin maps.

(A new batch should be coming in early next week – hopefully around the 30th or so)

Not to worry though, I’ve got a solution!

1) Right now: I’ll ship you a Western map with a slightly damaged cover (the map is perfectly usable - it’s just the cover that has issues)

2) Next week: I’ll also ship you a replacement Western map with a perfect cover at my expense

Who Doesn't Love

Free Stuff?


"Oh wow, you're awesome!"

That's what your camping buddy's going to say when
you give them the free bonus map you're about to get

Which free bonus map should I send?

Not sure which one they'd like?

If they're in Southern Ontario I'd suggest the Southern map

If they're in Eastern Ontario I'd suggest the Eastern map

If they're in Northern Ontario I'd suggest the Western map